Dr. Johannes Gabriel, Foto: Matthias Erfurt

Dr. Johannes Gabriel

Johannes is founder and managing director of Foresight Intelligence. He is also an adjunct professor at Johns Hopkins University's SAIS, teaching in its Global Risk program. Johannes is a non-resident fellow with the Global Public Policy Institute (GPPi) in Berlin. He was a PhD student with the Daimler AG's internal futures research division and wrote his thesis about the philosophy of science of future studies. Johannes is also co-founder of Ayla, an organizational consultancy for social enterprises. He has more than 10 years experience working in the field of strategic foresight.

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Dominic Seefeldt, Foto: Matthias Erfurt

Dominic Seefeldt

Dominic is a project manager with Foresight Intelligence. Prior to that, he worked in the field of medical and nursing science, focusing on questions surrounding new and emerging technologies. He has taught in medical and management programs at several German universities and moderated coaching events for companies. Dominic has dealt with many issues – from micro-logical analysis to big political questions – for the automobile industry, for NGOs, for labor unions, for research and development projects, and for small, medium, and large businesses.

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Ingo Kollosche, Foto: Matthias Erfurt

Ingo Kollosche

Ingo is a project manager with Foresight Intelligence. Before that, he was a member of the research and teaching staff at the chair for Integrated Traffic Planning at Freie Universität Berlin. From 2000 to 2009, he worked with Daimler AG's Society and Technology Research Group in Berlin. He studied political science and sociology at Humboldt Universität Berlin and at Duke University. He is interested in social change, comparative politics, and literature.

Maria Pastukhova, Foto: Matthias Erfurt

Maria Pastukhova

Maria is project assistant at Foresight Intelligence and also a research assistant at the Global Issues division of the German Institute for International and Security Affairs. Prior to that, she interned with the Rising Powers program at the Global Public Policy Institute (GPPi). Her expertise includes energy and water politics in Asia-Pacific, transnational trade relations, international organizations, and regional integrations. Her regional expertise includes Russia and Japan.

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We are Foresight Intelligence experts and our work is centered around methodologies and concepts. However, we gained expertise in some issue areas that are inherently forward-looking (more precisely, we have expertise in the interfaces of these areas). Our competence matrix gives an overview of what we normally do.

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